frequently asked questions

Where to start?

When considering a new tattoo I urge clients to determine the specific key elements. When the books open there will be a contact form available prompting you for specific information regarding subject matter, size, placement and reference imagery.  Start thinking if there is primary or tertiary information involved.  Is there a specific type of flower, or breed of animal? Is there any background information?

Do note that I do not make text tattoos, tiny tattoos, or create any imagery that may be culturally appropriative out of respect to myself, my craft and to you.


Consultations are often recommended for larger projects but are not generally necessary for simpler single images. Please send an inquiry as diagramed in my contact page and I'll let you know if we need to chat in person. 

How much will this tattoo cost?

Depending on the size, placement and detail of your piece there are many elements to discuss, and a ballpark idea is rendered.  I work at a minimum hourly rate of $150 for the length of your tattoo appointment including preparation, set-up, breaks and aftercare discussion.

Every appointment requires a deposit, which varies on the size of the piece you're getting.  This deposit is a non-refundable agreement that we are committing to a project, and will start my drawing process. This amount will be subtracted from the final session upon completion of your tattoo. 

Please note that placement and size affect the overall cost of your tattoo. Changing either of these elements will alter your estimated cost.

How far in advance are you booking?

I'm trying a new booking process in which my books will close and reopen every few months so that I'll be able to effectively focus on the projects at hand.  While my books are open I'll be accepting new clients and proposals. When my books are closed I will not be responding to new inquiries so that I can be of better service to the folx on my schedule. Thank you all for your patience!

Can I see my design before my appointment?

Each design is hand crafted per client and I prefer to take the time to email and consult to ensure you are confident about the tattoo you'll receive. I will email a sketch a few days in advance of your appointment to be sure we're on the same page. You will not see a final design until the day of your appointment and this will be a stencil worthy outline into which I will freehand the shading and details.  We can utilize our moments in person the day of to make last minute edits and changes. It's very important to me that you receive the tattoo you desire and I promise I'll make you something amazing if you trust in the process. 


I'm currently working Tuesdays-Fridays. Tattoo appointments generally begin at 12pm or 4pm. Once we have discussed your proposal, Ill be able to estimate the length of time (and subsequent cost) of your tattoo appointment. I'll forward you scheduling information so you can call the shop to confirm an appointment.

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy

In case of reschedule, call the shop with at least 48 hours notice to your scheduled appointment. If you do not give at least 48 hours notice your deposit is void.

If you must cancel your appointment after setting the date please reschedule during your cancellation call. Deposits are non-refundable and will be held for no more than 3 months from your initial scheduled appointment. 

Late Policy

Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment to fill out paperwork.  If you arrive late the clock will start for our agreed upon start time. If you're more than 30 minutes late your deposit will be void as I will likely not have time to tattoo you. 

Where are you located?

Find me at Lucky's Tattoo & Piercing at 694 Mass Ave in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hoping to be visiting a faraway city near you soon.

Parking can be tricky during the day but there are ample lots around as well as a few garages. Be aware that metered spaces are strictly 2 hour spots and you will have to move your car if you park in one.  Pro tip : pay with quarters for the first two hours and take a photo of the meter so you can pay by phone from the chair. We're just outside the Central station on the red line so consider taking the T.  Please be aware of traffic and parking issues to be sure you arrive on time. 

common do's and dont's


Bring a valid photo ID

You'll need a valid, up to date drivers license or passport, or state ID plus a copy of your birth certificate in order to get tattooed as per order of the board of health to certify that you are over 18 years of age and prove your identity. No exceptions. 

Eat well and be hydrated the day of and days leading to your appointment 

Tattoos can take a lot out of your system. Be sure to eat well before you arrive and bring snack and a sugary drink with you. Between the adrenaline rushes and endorphin crashes, sometimes fainting and dizziness can occur so be sure your blood-sugar is where it needs to be.  Your overall health will affect how you heal from your tattoo. Staying nourished and hydrated is key both before and after your tattoo. 

Be cozy and dress for the occasion

Wear comfy clothes that you don't care so much about incase they get ink smears or splats.  Be sure I can easily access the area you wish to be tattooed, which may mean you could be in a partial state of undress.  Your comfort in the process is the highest priority to me but so is my ability to properly render the tattoo on your skin. I do work in a private room however if you have any questions about appropriate attire please ask in advance. 

Bring entertainment

Bring headphones, a mobile device, a book....whatever suits your fancy to keep you distracted if you need to be, knowing that I will be focusing on making your permanent art. Consider your tattoo session a meditative safe space to contemplate yourself and your journey. I am happy to chat to an extent but be aware that if I am distracted your tattoo may take longer.  

Consider tipping 

Tattoos are expensive commodities however they're also a piece of art that you will actually carry with you literally until the day you die.  A relatively significant portion of your cost keeps the shop up and running.  If you're able to tip it is greatly appreciated. Heartfelt handmade tokens of appreciation, cuttings from your favorite plant and baked goods are equally or more so cherished. At the end of the day though the honor of adorning your body with beauty and bringing my clients joy is the greatest gift. 


Don't bring an entourage! 

Bring ONE friend to hold your hand or run errands, but please don't bring your whole crew.  My private room is small and I prefer to have a calm working environment in order to best tattoo you. This is not a party, it's a moment of growth and forward movement, let's keep it a bit sacred. 

Don't drink the day of or the night before your tattoo

Alcohol thins your blood and will literally push the ink out as we put it in. Save the drinks for the day after please. 

Don't show up sick

If you're under the weather leading up to a tattoo appointment, best to cancel more than 48 hours prior just incase.  If your immune system is compromised you probably won't heal well from your tattoo.  Also, for the benefit of your artist and the shop, we'd rather you stay home and get better than spread germs. Thanks!

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