Hi! I’m drae. Thank you so much for your interest in working with me.  I use they/she pronouns and I care about yours too. I’m a queer Greek Jew born and raised here in JP. I have two cats and a plethora of plants and I love my mom. My tattooing is heavily influenced by my years as a printmaker in college. I started my apprencticeship in 2013 under the late and great Jeremy McIntosh of Pygmalion’s Tattoo and am ever appreciative to have been chosen to learn under his old school wing and tough love attitude. He taught me many things to do and not to do. In that I soldered needles, built machines and scrubbed tubes for years. I’m so honored to pass forward forever marks and provide my clients with safe, attentive and caring experiences for all bodies. 

Receiving a tattoo takes quite a bit of trust and it is my goal to make every person who enters my room feel comfortable. Well, as comfortable as possible while you allow me to gently inflict a little pain to carry forward whatever meaning the design we establish holds for you. I truly believe that in getting tattooed the client takes a little of the tattooer with them when they leave. I’m grateful that you’re considering me in this process.

Tattoos are adornments that mark now, you'll carry and look back upon them for the rest of your breaths. They can solely be aesthetically pleasing or can also symbolize many things and be drenched in meaning. A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes the idea of an image holds equal weight to an exact replica. Details are limited by the size of the tattoo, as skin is not paper. Skin stretches and shifts as you age and with it the ink, so it's important to remember that often less is more and not to pack too many things into a small space. 

Thank you in advance for considering any professional opinions I hold regarding sizing and placement as my intention is always to make for you a flattering design that is authentic to your initial vision and also to stand up to the tests of time as you wear it for all your years to come. 

I feel very cozy in the style of work I’m doing now but am always open to different things so don’t be shy in requests for bolder lines or anything macabre. Do note that I do not make text tattoos, tiny tattoos, water color tattoos, replicate custom artwork by other tattooers or create any imagery that may be culturally appropriative or culturally inappropriate out of respect to myself, my craft and to you. 

Coverups are generally not feasible with the finer line qualities of my current style of work but may be considered on a case by case basis.

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